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WTA's hiking guide is the most comprehensive database of hikes in Washington, and comprises content written by local hiking experts and user submitted information. All data is vetted by WTA staff. This resource is made possible by the donations of WTA members.

We respectfully acknowledge the lands we are visiting are the homelands of Indigenous tribes of the Pacific Northwest, some of whom have reserved treaty rights on these lands. Tribes continue to rely on and share in the management of these lands today. Please tread gently and treat these places with respect.

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Mount Rainier Area -- SW - Longmire/Paradise

11.0 miles, roundtrip
Gain: 3800 ft.
Highest Point: 5335 ft.
Average rating:
(14 votes)
While the hunting grounds here hold their fair share of human history, the Kautz Creek drainage that hold the trail leading to the hunting grounds has an even more extensive background -- one that's eons old, rather than generations. Witness the way volcanic activity has affected this area and appreciate the awesome power of Rainier up close.

Mount Rainier Area -- SW - Longmire/Paradise

12.0 miles, roundtrip
Gain: 2520 ft.
Highest Point: 5400 ft.
Average rating:
(7 votes)
You’ll not meet any hunters in Indian Henry’s Hunting Ground these days, but the area is named for one of the most prominent Native American guides in the area, who lived here before it became a national park. Accessible via Longmire or the West Side road, this destination promises abundant wildflowers and berries, and excellent up-close views of "The Mountain."

Mount Rainier Area -- SW - Longmire/Paradise

14.0 miles, roundtrip
Gain: 3200 ft.
Highest Point: 5600 ft.
Average rating:
(8 votes)
Hiking from Longmire to Indian Henry's Hunting Ground offers a beautiful tour of various environments contained within the park, not to mention stellar views of the surrounding mountains, and a healthy dose of history to boot.