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Hiking Around Puget Sound

Because Puget Sound isusually the last place in Washington to collect snow and ice, it is a great outlet for winter hikes. WTA features ten hikes spread throughout the Puget Sound region, encompassing a range of habitats and showcasing some of the best that the area has to offer.

Fall Hiking Near Spokane

Autumn is a fine time to get outside. The backcountry is bursting with color, crowds have thinned, and the bugs are all but gone. Whether you live in the Spokane area or are just visiting, be sure to check out these five, fall-color hikes near Spokane.

Family Hikes in the Mountains to Sound Greenway

If you are looking to get your family out hiking this spring, explore this list of hikes that offers some family friendly hiking trails in the Mountains to Sounds Greenway which stretches from Ellensburg to Puget Sound.

Backpacking the Pasayten Wilderness Backpacking the Pasayten Wilderness

From 3-day weekend trips to week-long loops, our guide will get you inspired to grab a map, and begin charting a trip through Washington's remote and rugged Pasayten Wilderness.

Great Hikes in the Okanogan and Colville Forests

The Okanogan and Colville National Forests offer spectacular treasures and forests with a whole different feel than the wetter side of the Cascades. From Hart's Pass to Sullivan Lake, you'll discover incredible peaks, lakes, wildflowers, rivers, campgrounds, solitude and dog-friendly trails in this northern band of Washington hiking.

Great Summer Hikes on the Olympic Peninsula

From the wild coast to gentle river hikes, wildlife-packed meadows to lofty views of snow-capped mountains, the Olympic Peninsula has some incredible summertime hiking and backpacking. You'll find a handful of coast, river and mountain hikes below to get you started.

Early Summer Hikes in Northwest Washington

The hiking in northwest Washington gets good long before you can get at the stunning high country hikes of Mount Baker. Use June and early July to explore a side of the state that many who beeline for Baker miss. From snow-free hikes in North Cascades National Park to waterfalls to family backpacking, below are a few hikes to jump start your summer hiking season.

Mount Rainier Hikes

The snow on Mount Rainier never seems to melt fast enough for hikers wanting to explore the many treasures of Mount Rainier National Park. Use our guide to plan your hikes -- from short strolls to overnights -- from June through October.

Hiking the Dark Divide

The Dark Divide is neither as dark nor as ominous as its name implies. In fact, should you venture down to this infrequently-visited part of Washington, you'll find a wild country filled with high meadows, lush old-growth trees, and vistas among the best of what Washington has to offer, all with the added bonus of solitude.