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Goat Lake #647 — Thursday, Jul. 29, 2004

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Day hike

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Obstacles on trail:
    Overgrown in places.
Since I usually get up to Goat Lake at least one time a year and the Mtn. Loop Highway is washed out out on both sides to Road 4080, I went in from a different trailhead. You can still drive up the 4081 Road to the Bedal Basin trailhead. I park there and hiked the old logging road the connects over to the Goat Lake trail. Four years ago this old logging road was brushed out and fixed up on National Trails Day by the Everett Mountaineers. I was on one of the crews that worked on a section of this road. At the time it was going to be made into a multi purpose trail for hikers, mtn. bikers and horses. It has now grown back over with berry bushes and Red Alders. You'd never know it was once cleared off to the bare ground. There are two major creeks to cross, Bedal and Chocwick, and no problem getting across. There is a nice tall water fall to view at Chocwick Creek. After Chocwick Creek there is a large land slide with trees to get over and under. Then the old road is a lot clearer for hiking. When I got to the Goat Lake trail (the old logging road)I headed for the lake. Only a few Alders down across the section of trail and berry bushes taking over, before getting into the old growth forest. Where the trail first gets close to Elliot Creek there was a land slide with several large trees that has fallen into the creek. Someone cleared out a shoefly trail to get by this section. The trail before getting up to the swithbacks is pretty over grown. Seemed strange being at Goat Lake in July without seeing another person, since it is a popular place to hike or backpack. After eatting lunch and taking a couple of photos, I headed back down. When I arrived at the junction with the Elliot Creek trail, I decided to go back via the creek and check it out. After getting into the section by the creek in the old growth forest I found that many large White Fir trees had blown down on the trail trail. Some across the trail and others parallel on the trail. Also large chunks from broken off snags littered the way. Later on after the Mtn. Loop Highway is repaired, trail crews will need to bring in chainsaws with at least 36 inch bars to cut through the fallen trees. One of the trees just missing knocking out a wooden bridge and I had to take off my pack to get under this tree. Once back to the Goat Lake trail head, I walk back up the old road to the junction with the sign that says, ""Chocwick"" and hiked the grown over ""trail"" back to the Bedal Basin trailhead. This was one of those one time is enough hikes. I figured it was about 12.5 miles round trip. I'll wait until I can drive to the real Goat Lake trail head to hike up to the lake again.