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Shangri La, Surprise Creek, Red Cedars & Precipice Top Trail — Sunday, Apr. 7, 2019

Issaquah Alps

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Type of Hike

Day hike

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Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


No bugs


Snow free
WTA trail work party

Our small crew of 8 headed out to do a rapid response crew on Cougar Mountain to help hikers and trail runners by not having to step over fallen trees. We split into two smaller saw teams to cover more ground, and get as many trees out of the trail as we could.

We started our day at the Harvey Manning trail head and worked our way down the Shangri La trail removing some downed trees, getting the cut pieces out of the trail, disusing the cut pieces so they didn't look very fresh, and the moving on to find our next tree. Shangri to No Name is now clear of trees across the trail.

Our next trail to tackle was the Surpise Creek Trail, this one didn't have as many downed trees, but enough to keep us busy until lunch time. After lunch our crew went on a nice hike to find out next area of trail that needed some TLC, we found a turnpike on the Red Cedars Trail that had some 'ankle breakers' and a small area that we becoming over grown with salmon berries. It was an all hands on tools team for a little bit getting the trail back opened, and the ankle breakers filled in with rocks and dirt before we were proud of our work and continued on to find the downed trees to cut out of the trail.

Our big trees had been already moved by the county by the time we found them. But out detour Precipice Top trail was worth while, we were able to remove one small tree out of the trail for others to enjoy. On our way back we could not tell if Goodies Corner was an actual trail, or just a social path due to two downed trees at the very start of it. This was our last project area of the trail. We cleared all of the downed trees along this small .2 mile trail and opened the trail back up for hikers to enjoy.

All in all it was a great day out on the trail, the rain held off for us, and we were able to get a lot accomplished with such a knowledgeable crew working together.

Until next time- happy trails!