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Trip Report

Snoqualmie Mountain — Sunday, Jun. 18, 2017

Snoqualmie Region

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Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Obstacles on trail:
    Trees down across trail,
    Muddy or wet trail,
    Overgrown in places.


Road suitable for all vehicles


Bugs were not too bad


Trail snow-covered at times - gear and expertise recommended

We are the 'lil Mountain Goats, Terrence (11) and Nathan (13) and today we climbed Snoqualmie Mountain for the second time.    At the parking lot, there were lots of people going to Snow Lake, but very few to Snoqualmie Mountain.  We only saw 2 people all day.  

The trail in the beginning was very wet and there are rocks and boulders everywhere, and at one point a stream runs down the trail.  Once past the falls, the trail gets muddier and the snow starts, making it more of a challenge to get down.  Once above the snowy and muddy part in woods, you come to an open, rocky part of the ridge.  Right now it is about one quarter snow, and the rest, rock and boulders.  Pushing up the ridge is not too hard, but it's long and annoying because it seems like it's never going to end.  The final part to the false summit is pretty easy and straightforward.  We did not see any tracks going to the true summit, so we made the trail over there. 

At the summit we had lunch and there were partial views of Mount Rainier , good views of Mount Stuart and Mount Daniel, and good views of all the mountains around us.  Coming down is very rocky and brutal on the feet and takes a pretty long time.  Coming down through the muddy part is very hard and slippery.  We had to hold on to branches at some parts, and use our hands.   After the falls, it gets a bit easier on the final descent to the parking lot.

The gear you may need for this hike would be poles and good boots for sure.  You may still want microspikes and ice axes, but we didn't use them.  The GPS was helpful, since the trail is still partially snow covered and it's easy to get off the trail.  The GPS helped us get back on track a couple of times.  If you do not like very steep, rocky, wet hikes, do not come here.  If you do, Snoqualmie Mountain is the hike for you!  As always, be safe, and thank you for reading!

P.S. lots of cars in the parking lot had tickets for not displaying trail passes.