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Bullitt Access Trail, Bullitt Fireplace Trail, Central Peak & Chybinski Loop — Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010

Issaquah Alps

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Day hike
Squak Mountain may be closed soon because of budget cuts and too bad. It is very easy access and full of lovely woods, rustic trails, and interesting remains. Just south of Issaquah, Squak Mountain sports 6 access points: 4 on the north (3 of which all join the west access trail), one on the west off the Renton-Issaquah Road, and one on the south off the Seamay Valley Road. Trail junctions are very well marked with brand new signs and clear directions, but there are lots of interesting little unmarked footpaths as well. Formerly owned by the Bullitt family (KING 5 broadcasting), the mountain was donated to the State of Washington in 1972, but there still remain traces of the family's home and business. The famous stone fireplace and chimney are all that are left of the home. Atop west peak, are the ruins of the so-called Greenhouse. Last year it was still standing, full of large batteries, and an antenna which climbed up a tree. All that is flattened now and the batteries are no more. Further on Chybinski Loop is an old blockhouse off to the north side of the trail. Today a modern complex of radio and microwave towers dominates the central peak and highest point on the mountain. The easiest and least altitude gain is from the water towers access point on Squak Mountain Loop SW. Gotta love any trail where most of the gain is in the car! This entrance, like the one a block away, takes off right from the edge of a subdivision.