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Eagle Lakes — Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020

North Cascades

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In search for larches, we headed here. It was better than I could have expected. 

The trail to these lakes is relatively moderate, perfect for an overnight trip with friends who are relatively new to backpacking, and Horseshead Pass is a great destination after you drop packs. 

There isn't much to report about trail quality or scenery that hasn't already been said, but I do want to comment on the trail etiquette here. 

This is a multi-user trail, (meaning motorized, bikers, horses, trail runners, hikers, all are welcome here) and I was so impressed at the communication and courtesy everyone showed us. Even if not everyone observed official trail etiquette (e.g., not everyone yielded in the prescribed way), every party that passed us was polite, and I never felt like I was in an unsafe passing situation. This was an unexpected and exciting treat.

There were a few folks with us at the lake (I'd say about 6 parties) but it didnt feel crowded, even with a few parties coming in after dark. 

The full moon was incredible, and my friend in my group got several very good photos. 

I hope I can return next year to spend a bit more time in this area.