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Trip Report

Mount Aix — Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020

Mount Rainier Area

Trip Report By

WTA Member


Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Minor obstacles posing few problems


Road rough but passable


Bugs were not too bad


Snow free

Bandit would've loved this one (except maybe the last 300 feet) but the dog is getting old. Too bad I didn't know about this hike when he was younger.

Reiterations of past reports
1. Last 2-3 miles of road is rough.
2. Sections of the trail (in 1st few miles) are sluffing off. 
3. A few easy blowdowns. (Sorry I left my saw at home)
4. Springs are still flowing but just a trickle. 
5. Cool in the AM. ~40F at 9am. I put my fleece jacket on but took it off pretty early (and carried it in my pack along with my full water bladder).
6. Lots of bugs buzzing the summit but they left me alone.

I earned the ridge/summit views after putting in a couple hours in the shady AM hiking up the switchbacks (tempting to cut in a couple places - don't do it :). I took the short route to the summit using my single pole technique that leaves a hand free for holds. Close to the summit, I made it harder than it is by missing the last turn (to the north) and climbing straight over a boulder to the summit. TIP: If you're thinking of grabbing any wire cable, then you're off track. I came back down the longer way which starts out with some nice rock steps and some impressive rock work that expanded/leveled the summit. On the way back, I walked up point 7408 which was a nice little detour. I saw 6 others coming up the trail on this weekday on my way down. I got back to the car at 5pm. Long day with the driving but glad to have done it.


Maddy on Mount Aix

Did you bring a trampoline? Wow! You put Michael Jordon to shame.

Posted by:

Maddy on Aug 28, 2020 06:42 PM

Jeff Bottman on Mount Aix

That's the single finest photo I have seen on WTA. Good work.

Posted by:

Jeff Bottman on Aug 28, 2020 07:44 PM

Dave Schuba on Mount Aix

Based on the comments above (and as I feared when originally posting), I buried the lead. So, I just switched the photos around so that my self portrait jumps out at you at the top.

No trampoline. No photo doctoring. Just a bit of illusion with the camera on the ground and me in the air. I've done this on other summits before too but this one turned out pretty good. I got the idea a few years ago when I saw someone do a handstand on top of Little Si.

Posted by:

Dave Schuba on Aug 29, 2020 11:58 AM