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Palouse to Cascades Trail - Rattlesnake Lake, Twin Falls — Friday, Nov. 20, 2009

Snoqualmie Region

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Day hike
Let's just go on record here that the book (Day Hiking: Snoqualmie Region) is wrong. The trestle is not over Washington Creek, it is over Change Creek (at Deception Crags climbing area), and you reach the Twin Falls cutoff long before you reach the trestle (if you are coming from the Rattlesnake Lake trailhead). In fact, the trestle is even beyond the Mt. Washington cutoff. We were expecting to log around 8-9 miles. Nearest I can figure looking at the map is we logged 13+/- (including a side trip to view Twin Falls) with the cutoff for the falls trail at about 4.0 miles and the trestle at about 5.5. Not much respite from the rain on the old railroad grade and the hard pack tread covered with gravel wears on the feet after a lot of miles, but it was a pleasant enough way to spend the day when the weather promised nothing but wet.