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Telford Recreation Area

Central Washington


Central Washington -- Potholes Region
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With over 11,000 acres of old farm land and grassy meadows, the Telford Recreation Area provides hikers with plenty of opportunity for exploration. There is old farm equipment and even an old barn that you can investigate. The landscape alternates between large grassy areas, giant sagebrush, large pine trees, vernal ponds, and aspen groves. In the spring and summer, wildflowers are abundant and paint the landscape vibrant colors. If all this isn't enough, it is adjacent to the Swanson Lakes Wildlife Management Unit and Washington State Department of Natural Resources land for further exploration. Restrooms are located on the south side of Highway 2.

The Telford Recreation Area spans across Highway 2, creating north and south sections. Starting in the southern section, drive or walk along Telford South Road to the southernmost trailhead. There is a parking area at the trailhead with information about the area, including sitemaps. Past the trailhead however, the trails are unofficial and unmarked. It is not too difficult to find your way around, but it is recommended that you bring route finding tools and skills. You can follow cattle paths, game trails, and the occasional farm road as you wander around. This side of the highway features the old barn and Lake Creek.

On the other side of the highway, there are a lot more pine trees and open grassy area. From the main road, access the parking area down a small access road off of Telford Road. Enter Bachelor Prairie and enjoy visiting Hurley Lake. Again, there are no official trails, so you are free to wander around and navigate yourself. Bachelor Prairie offers the best views of wildflower blooms in the spring. At the very northern edge, there are power lines running along Hawk Creek. Telford Recreation Area is a great option for those looking to get outside and try something new.


Telford Recreation Area

Map & Directions

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Central Washington -- Potholes Region

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Getting There

From Spokane, drive west on Highway 2 towards Davenport. Past Davenport, turn right on Telford Road to access the north side of the area or left to access the south side.


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Telford Recreation Area

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